About Workifyme

Last year a group of people met with the idea to transform the way of applying for jobs in UAE. We wanted to challenge the existing time consuming job application process, were you have to attach a CV and personal letter for every job you apply for. And what wouldn’t be a better market than the UAE, an emirate with the aim of becoming one of the most innovative nations in the world, our innovative solution is well aligned to that strategy.

Workifyme is a job advertisement website which allows job seekers to apply for jobs in less than one minute. Instead of attaching CV and personal letters, you get to answer some specific questions asked by the recruiter. The best candidates are often the busiest ones and they don’t have time to apply for jobs on the conventional way. With our solution you can apply for a job “on the go”, just pick up your mobile, tablet-pc or laptop and apply for any job you like.

2014 was the first time in history, were mobile internet usage surpassed desktop internet usage. With Workifyme recruiters can grasp the mobile users, candidates that most companies often miss out with the conventional job advertisements.


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